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(1) no cash credit currency, is generally issued by the central bank, and by state law gives unlimited ability to pay off.
The concept of monetary anchor (up)?Be good at doing a listen to people.
Monetary fund scale not only began to decline, yields have started falling.
Social sciences: Liang Xiaosheng Activity in the open market operation mechanism is: when the central Banks to buy securities, the central bank to sell the peon writing checks.
Inflation is monetary devaluation?Market of ious to anyone is Othe ious.
What do you think Mr.
Buffett issue debt exceeds 400 billion yen for the fit time?1.
The fit said the settlement currency, widely acknowledged by governments and can be used for international settlement currency, will become a settlement currency.
Early note issue, there is an equal amount of gold and silver the anchoring material reserve in the Treasury, the holder of the bill is ready to use paper money for gold and silver.
The future world will be a digital world, currency would also notes from the past to the future development of digital currency, it is a trend.
Differentiate the concept under multidisciplinary pepective, with life in finance and investment case principle, demotration application, hold you use financial calculator, of unity of knowledge, practical, operational andIf the dollar agait the yuan exchange rate rise, then $1 yuan to change more, can change the original 6.
9 yuan, may now be in seven yuan or more, $more before, of coue, the more worthless, this is the dollar, depreciation, the result is helpful for export, but go agait imports, on the other hand, is the appreciation of the renminbi, is beneficial to import, but not conducive to exports.
Then the downfall of the government, then the rightist, then to quell inflation, then expand the foreign trade export contract, then the currency peg to the dollar, and then the credit crisis, deflation, then depressed market, a large number of unemployed, then the popular again, and then left in the office.
Why the dollar as a global currency, printing dolla right is not in the United Natio and the fed?If the change of the money supply, causing real interest rates and actual economic variables such as output level adjustments and changes, so money is neutral.
Currency rate of depreciation = 1-1 / (1) inflation rate = inflatio(1) inflation rate, the original food 1 piece of 1 catty, up to 2 pieces, not equal to your money devalued 1-1 / (1 100%) = 50%

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