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3 it is possible to deteriorating economic environment, the Chinese economy appeared different degree of land, so to each peon s employment and social stability will bring greater negative impact.
Virtual currency itself is of no value, once the collapse will be lost, so Fried currency risk is very high, friends even want into the pit must choose formal ititutio of hair money, otherwise it is easy to cut chives.
So here still want to remind you that before about the domain of digital currency if not interested, then don t investment.
Based on this, we should all be as PengGai point a great praise.
On October 1, 2016, the yuan officially were included in the SDR basket.
Money funds invest primarily targets for short-term monetary itruments.
If the Banks certificates, 3 ~ 5 yea certificate of deposit, also can achieve more than 4.
27% of the yield, if it is small and medium-sized Banks can more than 5% of the interest rate is also given.
Current in counties in kuhan, the fit, for example, kuhan frontline staff salary of about 3000 ~ 5000, the green food market and the supermarket basically maintained at about 5 yuan per kilogram, in \- d r = delta I/delta r, refe to the rise in interest rates caused (down) one percent decrease (increase) the amount of investment, said lead to demand.
Money is come from, who invented the money?May just because of this, oil money right from the start with deep political mark, with a birth defect, it may also be doomed the prospects may not be too optimistic.
Every member has an obligation to buy domestic currency balances held by other membe, just change the country can prove that the balance is received by recent frequent exchange or this kind of exchange is need to pay for regular exchanges.
It is of practical significance for the digital currency and value?A, investment in precious metals gold and silver as a hedge, good, high liquidity and hedging, can resist inflation of currency movements and rising prices.
The real economy and virtual currency is away from each other?Money velocity were the main influencing facto of economic and psychological two aspects, which is the basic economic facto, including: (1) residents of monetary income and expenditure structure changes in general, the influence of income level, established the coumption structure will not have big changes.
R rose mea e rise, Wf or AD rise, Wd or af drop, when e (nominal) rise mea that the currency fell, the currency devaluation.
A year in which each yuan currency flow average 6 times.

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