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Of monetary value, will be able to own value to measure the value of other goods, has the value of the function of scale;But make sure balance is treasure, because pay treasure to add a lot of wealth management products, has a high risk of stock and so on.
(1) the traaction motive refe to the commodity trading and people to cope with the daily need to hold a monetary motivation.
Indonesia has advanced urban city, many international famous brands have to open factories in Indonesia, and built a boutique store, international famous big department store building in Indonesia is also everywhere, as a result, Indonesia become southeast Asia s most important, I very indispeable important economic components, various economic secto in the country s economic output is very important, because Indonesia is a country of islands, so the tourism is also very rich, every year the number of tourists come here from all over the world is countless, Indonesia closely with business and commerce in our country, there will be a lot of people every year to Indonesia on business office, no matter to Indonesia for whatever reason, to Indonesia will be sure to know what is the common currency of Indonesia, the so-called no money, before you go abroad for good money is a must, so what is the common currency of Indonesia?It is important to note that want to detailed undetanding of the terms, do their own matching, and subsequent capital planning!Otherwise, if continue to depreciate, or lost, in the next year, also can save a lot of money.
Therefore, if the currency is not involved in the production and business operation but like a pirate treasure was hidden in a isolated island, obviously does not happen in value.
To find the game company, the country won t tube.
The COI issued by the federal government in 1795-1795, 90% silver and 10% copper.
Loose monetary policy refe to the fed by buying a large amount of Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, reducing bank reserve requirements and other ways to market a large number of dolla, reduce the financing cost, promote the residents coumption, to stimulate the economy.
Money is one of the greatest human invention, from the start of the invention is closely linked with human life.
Say digital currency, on the basis of block chain concept of the core technology of the currency, it is also a certain overall value theory, the currency stipulated in the technical concept, issuing ceiling is highest in 21 million, that is to say if the value of the currency has been approved, a currency represents 1/2100 of the total value of all over the world.
According to Keynes s ideas, currency, there are two place one is in the bank stock, the other is a holding in their hands, the problem is mainly involved in interest rates, so we assume that traaction motive and the prudent motive is cotant, the demand for money to reduce is the traaction motive fall in hold in the hands of currency decreases, the existence of the corresponding bank stock part of the currency will increase, according to the law of supply and demand, falling interest rates (interest rates you can as to buy currency capital and give the price.
)Narrow see of virtual currency refe to this kind of virtual goods, such as COI and the quark, Wright coin multifarious so-called currency, as well as the QQ COI and the baidu, legendary COI and other kinds of virtual products.
The more developed financial market, commodities trading currency trading outside of footprint, the more money velocity slower;2, regular money, of coue, you can also choose to pay treasure in the regular products, safety and reliability of the principal, income also very stable!

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