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Digital currency can be trusted?Especially in nearly three yea of sino-us trade friction, fully demotrated the resilience of China s economy.
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To I saw and heard in COI ring five yea, there are people notes under investigation, detention, trial, frozen account.
Different from bond funds to invest in bonds, investment is relatively strict specification.
Block chain can t remove a record anyone, greatly increasing the difficulty of illegal.
Expaionary monetary policy: the lower the deposit reserve rate, reduce the deposit and lending interest rates, reduce the rate of discount and rediscount rate, to tighten monetary policy: raise deposit reserve rate, improve the deposit and lending interest rates, increase in the discount rate and discount rate againIn the history of bei song is the second ZhiQian player.
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With the circulation of money, I can realize the exchange of goods and technology, mainly technical trading.
The rouble in 2 times: in the history of the ruble in Russia and the use of the land from the 13th century.
Monetary approach in terms of theory and policy proposals, emphasis on changes in the money supply is the root of the cause changes in economic activity and prices and the cause of the dominant role, brenner in 1968, using the word Assets can be divided into tangible assets and intangible assets (assuming you don t coider this classification have meaning), then you can say so: a certain assets, intangible assets if it is not, then it must be tangible assets, and vice vea.
Specific content of the international monetary system (1) the nonmonetary gold: gold and currencies complete decoupling, no longer is the basis of the exchange rate.
Too little monetary circulation will lead to deflation, not conducive to the circulation of goods, people s coumption or investment also is suppressed.
1, suspeion box available index: four collectibles circle necessary suspeion box, leek leek no suspeion box isn t a good leeks, position in the peonal - market price - suspeion box shows open.

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