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scott galloway

Equivalent to 10000 yuan put the balance of the interest income is 226 yuan, treasure put WeChat change a interest income is 247 yuan, more than balance treasure 21 yuan.
Or choose ShouAnXin full 360 days of countries, the expected annual yield can reach 5.
262%, the only drawback is slightly less flow performance, investment period (lock) on a regular basis can not be redeemed.
At a time when Germany has issued gold marks like gold, but these are far enough to pay, also has been kept for a long time.
Sichuan junta made copper coin of the republic of China fit year to three yea of the republic of China (1912 a 1914) by the military government of sichuan province casting of copper coin, Chinese characte with the words on the front edge of the book the junta made, middle bead circle right up and down the left sichuan coppe, on both sides of the outer circle star grain, circle edge of book value.
And this kind of flood irrigation, water manjin hill of monetary policy, the world s big Banks are doing.
The improvement of the anti-counterfeiting technology.
So, if I choose, I would choose the stock, then the science popularization the knowledge of COI ring, chain ring, then careful investment.
The rural barren serious at present, this year it is cheap to the foothills of the plow land.
According to the three hou cleaning one hundred square, at most 50 multiple income is good.
(3) monetary banking focuses on macro, domestic coues;Currency and war book said something?

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