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etc usd chart

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etc usd chart

What we need in a certain period of circulation of money, is proportional to the total prices of the goods, with the same unit of currency is inveely proportional to the velocity of circulation.
Central Banks need to do is to use the law to inflation and interest rate tramission effect is stronger, then the implementation of policy will be more handy.
Monetary fund is the balance sheet of a liquid assets, including cash, bank deposits and other monetary funds ending balance of the three general ledger accounts.
In addition, digital currency code for uniqueness, and certainly no way to fake.
(if one day you see a beautiful bubble coke, which is from east Germany meyer)Appreciation agait the dollar last year 7000 basis points, behind this, the strong, so what is the anchor, allow the yuan to the moat of so deep, so well.
The main problem is very strange, what is paper money has no value?Now many people play mother money, kind of money to make money.
Will appear in the spring of 2010 of Chinese auction this Wu Yang cloth of the A pack of: 10000 serial notes;Bai lines with what give you a flower?But in the social development, technological progress, mobile payment itead of paper money in circulation is a trend.
Such as some serious illness need someone to help, or borrow somebody else s car to the hospital.
As early as Monday morning at ten o clock;At present, the United States agait Iran has carried on the omni-directional, high strength of plugging, which Iran can t trade with western countries, and many non-western countries is weak agait the west, also dare not on trading with Iran.
Because from the national level, according to the variation of inflation, monetary policy can and adjust accordingly.
Later, with the development of the business, do you think the sheep is more troublesome, so the shells, and other smaller univeal equivalent, the prototype of the currency began to produce at this moment.
The opposite is increasing the money supply, there is the trend of inflation, commodity prices will rise.

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