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(2) the real currency is through financial ititutio business into the circulation.
Casting by free and metal currency into circulation has essential difference.
And (3) into (1), k M1 = D * D = D * (k 1) (10) to (9) into (10), it is concluded that the general form of the M1 money supply as: M1 = [(k 1)\/(rd rt * t e k)] * B (11), B is the base unit, assume that money multiplier for m, the monetary multiplier is: m = M1 \/ B = (k 1)\/(rd rt * t e k) (12) calculation method for the classification:Mercantilism theory and policy evaluation: (1) they once played a progressive role in history, promoted the primitive accumulation of capital, promote the establishment and development of the capitalist mode of production.
(2) they put money as a symbol of wealth, the business, especially foreign trade as a source of wealth.
(3) they simply describe the surface of the social phenomenon, the author explores the social and economic phenomenon confined to circulation field, and did not go deep into the production areas, so the theory is naive, not science.
All in all, rule of mercantilism is not only the business capital of the state power of the economic policies, and the late feudal society emerging bourgeois economic theory system.
Emerging countries how to defend youself?Because at the time of the Ming dynasty, it is lack of copper, copper production requires a lot of copper, so money is not enough, and take up also very inconvenient, so they began to use the notes from the yuan dynasty had.
The United States, France, Brazil, Canada the monetary unit of the four countries?Love the yuan, the collection of the yuan.
Missed the real estate, missed the maotai, missed the COI, the next investment opportunities?But it too little of the network.
Fit analysis of monetary funds accounted for the proportion of total assets is in the reasonable between 15% and 25%, too low has certain fund pressure, high profitability to have coervative tendency, at the same time, should observe the increase or decrease as last year and net assets proportion with the industry average.
What is the nature of more money?The issuance and trading of the inter-bank market interest rates downward continuously, the market yield decreaseAround this business, business difficulties, and thus to promote the prosperity of the economy.
But because of the long-term conflict, resulting in paper currency credit is not high, rapid devaluation, silver circulation has not terminated.

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