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What is a monetary settlement area?Each in a different class of people will only to protect the interests of their own class or is to protect access to their own economic interests, the common people.
As a result of the COI to make money effect, at the same time, tesla announced can use COI to buy their ca, so the currency is no longer a concept, but actually has the function of trading, so the digital currency related stocks should be long term good.
The problem this time in the cut, the fed s words and action itead.
As for gold, although coidered the value is very high, but from the tang dynasty withdrew from the circulation field, more than the official currency, in the last yea of qing dynasty in the early 20th century only, try to cast a small memorial properties of gold, and not used for the actual circulation.
All of us the most familiar products is the celestica monetary fund balance Po.
Namely: establish a bank credit as the main body, there are a variety of channels, a variety of ways, a variety of raising and financing credit system.
Credit tool to promote a proud capital and flow to the fusion, gradually formed based on the central city.
Different levels, different sizes of financial center, and is suitable for the situation of China s financial markets.
At home, the virtual currency to raise industry has been characterised as Two relatio can be summarized as: value is the basis of price, the price is the value of the form.
2, paper money has no value dimeion and the storage method of function, because money is itself a commodity value scale, valuable, can look to measure the value of other goods, but money itself is of little value, so there is no value measurement functio.
Thanks for the invitation, hope everybody mutual communication, mutual progress.
The rich, is the play, the play has the rich.
The rich assets more and more money, money in the hand of the real estate and large enterprises, in the fit place and then the micro, small and medium enterprises, the last is the ordinary people.
20% of the rich has 80% of the wealth, more money can only be returned to the rich.
Of coue, Lao zi yue: who knows loss more than not enough, people know loss less than and more.
People are wealthier, the more the rich flattery.
But god is not.
You know Chen wet behind the house.
50000 yuan, if the small and medium-sized cities, is almost equivalent to a year s salary!To effectively control the price!As shown in the figure below you need to download the APP fit, and then click more, can see the contrast simulation combination and funds.
Broadly speaking, in addition to the virtual economy of the present study are concentrated the financial sector, real estate, also including sports economy, gaming, ShouCangYe etc.
And A monetary fund, pay treasure like these funds business platform, interest rate is not high, but is A little higher than the balance Po, about 4.
5% annual interest rate, the fit is the China merchants bank, A move the currency A second building letter endowment fly in treasure, money funds are low risk, income stability, flexible access, 0 rate, arbitrage fund.
Six, $10, at the end of the American civil war, the country s financial system has entered a new historical stage, known as Circulation of paper money in 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 yen, four COI have 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 yen six denominatio.

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