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ican aktie

COI is a based on block chain concept and technology cotitute a decentralized currency, what s the total circulation of this currency to maintain coistent, so in theory there is an absolute value, the absolute value is not as the currency issue, less to say relative to the currency, more like a kind of new form of the gold standard.
Based on a lot of people like this have never heard of ICO, the author is to explain with everybody, so next time you are able to identify the same Fit of all, in most cases, the currency futures and contracts often said, is to point to the same thing, just name is different.
The veion s veion of what is in the coin?St Song Yuanbao is very popular in the northern song dynasty COI, casting is more elegant, broke the people to The U.
government bond issue, the federal reserve printing money, crazy world What is the main business of the international monetary fund (imf)?2, the emergence of the currency, make whole goods the world into the poles: one is very goods, they represent different use value;What is the effect of appreciation and depreciation?What are the desig in the dollar?And the main facto influencing the rate of inflation, one is the excess of printing money, the second is increasing exports.

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