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If not reach the two premise, it is not money of goods.
Whether digital currency or mill, all belong to citize legal property, the law should be also able to protect.
The subject matter of a contract is a digital currency, such as COI (BTC), etheric fang (ETH), etc.
Name currency symbol name currency symbol yuan RMB $USD yen JPY euro EUR GBP German mark DEM Swiss franc CHF French francs FRF Canadian dolla CAD Australian dollar AUD hk $HKD Austrian schilling ATS finnmark FIM Belgian francs BEF punt the ieps require curricular modules Italian lira ITL Luxembourg francs a LUF Dutch guilde NLG Portugal ace library more PTE Spanish pesetas ESP rupiah IDR Malaysian ringgit MYR New Zealand NZD Philippine peso PHP Russian ruble SUR Singapore dollar SGD KRW has baht coideredElectronic money has the following characteristics: (1), which is based on computer technology, storage, pay and circulation;To develop their own clearing system.
The magic box opened in 2020, the world, walk very difficult!1 points, 2 points now, how about the price of 5 cent coin collection?The currency mining machine to waste so much electricity can produce something useful to human beings?May south of the Yangtze river, north of the coastal edge along the Burma road safety and stability of these places, or some, but ordinary people is difficult, because of fiscal policy of the republic of China was poor, the details see the When it comes to trading platform, I want to mention of the Lord asked should be digital currency trading platform, is no trading platform for single block chain, chain blocks only represents an emerging technology, only block chain under the technology of encryption currency have a trading platform.
Investo lose confidence in the economy of the country, most of them are sold their purchase of assets in the country.
Defect: (1) the international reserve system itability (2) the global currency system arrangement is not reasonable.
Whether individual use or business use, excess reserves are now should be put on the alibaba is located in the people s bank of exclusive account, including taobao and alipay on some cover, will be in the exclusive account.
In this system, the central bank is the largest flange in the interbank market, thereby forming the country s foreign reserves.
1, the form of currency is the complete form of value form development, is the inevitable outcome of the development of commodity inherent contradictio.
Such as corn is four cents a kilo in 95, is now a dollar fifty cents a kilo, mobile phone in 95, is a samsung 3000 multivariate intelligent now only one thousand yuan, 95 general wage worke more than one hundred yuan, now more than 3000 yuan, in 95 the United States second generation Ann 20 yuan, 160 yuan of generation now.

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