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Lack of the stability of the monetary support.
Monetary fund class AB because starting point for different applicatio, A kind of low starting point, class B five million or more commonly, some goods have E category, is to pay treasure to this kind of network of sales channels, its sales service in general and different class AB.
I think excuse me, do not save money, for the average peon, where hundreds of thousands of down payment to do ordinary people can be a month, each year hundreds of thousands of?As a capital of currency and as a medium of general circulation currency there is a difference between.
Also have according to the azimuth of gossip to play eight holes, liang (liang money) used for pressure, smooth take comfort.
(5) for manufacturing a certain denomination notes itself, indeed there is also a condeation of human labor, but this is just the value of the paper, and it represents the goods - compared to the value of money is small, so it can be said that the paper itself has no value, is not a commodity.
Whole bundle: refe to the assurance thousand even, and no fracture, sign the cutter with a plastic bag to pack again, known as the whole bundle, also known as the sealing thousand even after;Nine is to establish and organize the implementation of financial industry compreheive statistical system, respoible for data aggregation and macroeconomic analysis and forecasting.
The currency war 2 - Kim world I also saw, basic financial family connectio, makes see, I feel before and after reading his book is worth a look, and the content of the intermediate is given priority to with the story!It is a kind of value form data, through the data exchange and play a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value, but it is not the legal tender of any countries and regio.
Thanks for the invitation, hope everybody mutual communication, mutual progress.
The rich, is the play, the play has the rich.
The rich assets more and more money, money in the hand of the real estate and large enterprises, in the fit place and then the micro, small and medium enterprises, the last is the ordinary people.
20% of the rich has 80% of the wealth, more money can only be returned to the rich.
Of coue, Lao zi yue: who knows loss more than not enough, people know loss less than and more.
People are wealthier, the more the rich flattery.
But god is not.
You know Chen wet behind the house.
Speak very clear: 50000 yuan of money, get the steady gai, there are many optional products!Currency is a certain time from the central bank into the circulation of currency drop back into the central bank monetary difference.
The latest balance of celestica treasure monetary fund QiRi annualized yield is only 2.
304%, accrual is 0.
6323;Lower traaction costs - digital currency:;Due to international financing channels blocked, maduro hope through the issuing of oil money, avoid western countries including the us economic sanctio agait venezuela and containment, solve the economic difficulties, and that is why the news of the oil money a cause for the United States and other countries strongly resist.
Because Iran suffered western sanctio the omni-directional, high strength, makes it hard for Iran through foreign trade, the international monetary fund (imf) endoed the international currency, such as the euro, the dollar.
(2) out of financial capital and the real economy.
The Asian currency markets is 60 s developed in Asia and the Pacific regional offshore financial market.
Now if the two completely different economic law influence property to connect, what coequence can you have?

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