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tlry stock

The early stage of the central bank legal digital currency or fit pilot in some parts of the scene, after mature further promotion, for the sake of safety, make design of pilot exit mechanism.
I think, will not close the door, the issue of paper money, printing, storage, the cost is high, to do anti-counterfeiting, not convenient to carry.
If only from the current digital currency markets exist in terms of money, without any kind of encryption digital currency to replace the current currency.
What is the nature and functio of currency?Who recommends a few bond type and monetary fund.
Is digital currency agait the dollar?The block chain technology digital yuan bad there s no way to fraud.
Good background we had said, the above is the official currency of the qing dynasty: silver and copper, and silver ticket \D, said investment demand seitivity to interest rates;Monetary policy: refe to the central bank (for example, China People s Bank of China) by price mea (rates /) or number mea (raise/lower the reserve requirement ratio) of the control money supply policies;Token name: pice (Paisa) the reserve bank of India (rbi) announced on March 21, 2006, was set up by former vice President jalal This is from the United States to cancel the gold standard in 1971, no country in the world again with gold, money is only a kind of credit.
Commonly known as $$$(UNITED STATES DOLLAR), is the currency of the UNITED STATES, the currency symbol for USD.
The main reason is money flow more easily converted into cash, also is to have a hype, these reaso determine the degree of heat clear money in money market.
Cases, it is playing a deeply touched, is playing an iffy, so someone may poor, someone will into explosion door.
To prevent the deterioration of the whole eu economy can only be a full-blown, rather than today s role to stimulate economic recovery.
Debt is a special type of currency debt, the use of monetary value lies in its exchange value, as a univeal equivalent to exchange for other goods and services and foreign currency.
(2) the influence of industrial structure and the status of the production specialization of different production cycle, capital organic composition, the proportion of different between secto, as well as the different degree of professional division of labor of social production, will influence the currency circulation speed.

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