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Fit it must be able to freely convertible in the world;The monetary unit for $(Dollar), 1 Dollar is equal to 100 cents.
Yu is introduced, the later period of the republic of the circulation of the bill, particularly large number, in addition to a few rare breed, most don t collect value.
(it is cover), in fact, no one to buy.
But now many currency exchange launched contract, such as sustainable contract, is don t need to call.
Under normal circumstances, the money multiplier is approximately equal to the reciprocal of reserve requirements, which is 1/0.
155 material between 6 to 7, therefore, under the condition of the monetary base is only 30 trillion, China has reached more than 181 trillion M2.
Conclusion: changes in the quantity will affect the price of commodity prices and the total level change, but not change relative prices.
Through this platform, can buy monetary fund, they sell goods on a commission basis.
Central national historical differences many no comparability.
Second, can track the money where to go.
Can only say that currency depreciation and appreciation is very difficult to determine what is good or bad, the most important thing is to see the margin of a devaluation and revaluation!(2) not discriminatory monetary measures or exchange rate.
The euro is not just to improve Europe s single market, the euro area countries free trade more convenient, but also an important part of the eu integration process.
Throughout the economic downturn, for well-off Tibetan friends actually is a very good opportunity, and that the stock market In fact, the monetary fund continued rapid growth in almost two yea.
(3) even if the production of goods is the need of society, there is no guarantee that all sold out.
At present the circulation of currency in the currency called For new things, we fit need to judgment is that this thing can live down, this is very important.

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