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centralized identity

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centralized identity

Like this from circulation of the renminbi, no new won with the collection value, just appearance different, the value of collection.
COI without parents money, itself is a joke, in addition to the corrupt officials like, useless, with mature chain blocks separately, COI and perfect, dig more boring, funny, while othe rich, I early in the play, electricity is too expeive.
The generation of money is from barter.
Based on the above reaso, from the historical development, cost coideratio and use convenience, only the use of paper money and circulation is the best choice.
The COI have big jump off a building, the virtual currency is reliable?Way: 1.
On the futures exchange quotatio software with the foreign exchange market movements 2.
Each big financial website also have foreign exchange offer 3.
Through the mobile phone s own foreign exchange query tools can also query for the exchange rateDigital assets traactio of the three biggest platform is okex, fire currency, COI, including general currency trading, the fire spot currency two over one thousand poundage, but fire is very expeive, need to use a point card or HT to deduction province fees, but much like pulling cable, trading.
Can t see someone give you a platform!This mea that the yuan as a after the dollar, euro, sterling and the yen, the fifth kind of international currency.
Rounded square hole, also called square hole of money.
Normally the buyer will hang the price is very low, the seller hung with relatively high.

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