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Foreign exchange trading process?South African rand, it is not a convertible currency of the bank of China, if you have at home, can only go to the airport to the joint to convert into RMB currency exchange place, but the exchange rate is not very good, the bank don t accept rand so can t for your rand.
The biggest difference between them is that one is in order to promote the development of national economy, the domestic market on the currency, with the dollar hegemony of the world s currency, the value of dollar inflation foamy, at the same time in the blood to the world to dilute the world economy in the world;We can see the modern technology and the development of science and technology so quickly, and the world actually between countries within the scope of monetary circulation has much to do, because of the currency circulation, science and technology is developing so fast!Who play coin is from the street - antique shop - reflow to auction, gradually bought more money, or fall in love with furnishing articles, four, and so on.
What is the meaning of a currency war?1, USES the loose monetary policy, can increase the circulation of money, to stimulate aggregate demand.
As can be traced back to directly.
Sought a safe haven in simple terms, the market sentiment, they have any more money, so in this time period, the safe-haven currency that is, from the time, the Swiss franc is recognized as the old safe-haven currencies, but over a period of time, does the Swiss franc as the yen to hedge, so this is not a 100% absolute concept.
Money is to act as a univeal equivalent of special goods, belong to civil law on species.
Monetary liabilities are debts have to pay a fixed amount of money in the future, including accounts payable, employee compeation payable, other payables, long-term loa payable, bonds payable, etc.

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