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what do people buy everyday

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what do people buy everyday

Law of currency is a certain period in the process of commodity circulation quantity needed money.
Such as the appreciation of the renminbi, the dollar falls, but our country is America s largest creditor nation case, a dollar depreciation, will lose a lot of money in China.
(1) the currency is essentially the realization form of commodity circulation and the forms, circulation of commodities is the foundation of the currency and substance.
2 it is unified pass two currencies, namely on COI gold and copper under the currency.
Because, the folk daily coumption using mainly copper.
With the circulation of money, I can realize the exchange of goods and technology, mainly technical trading.
Risk currencies: Europe, pounds, Australia.
Formula of income = (balance amount confirmation treasure \/ 10000) X per copies published on the day of the fund company earnings.
Four, can invest in stocks to buy shares in a rise in price inflation, such as necessary coumer goods, agricultural products, food, energy, etc.
, also can buy shares in a growing inflation, such as medicine, 5 g, science and technology, etc.
In addition, the flexibility of monetary policy and randomness is higher, while fiscal policy in the face of the complex and changeable macroeconomic, it is difficult to make timely respoe, unfavorable to short-term macroeconomic and itantaneous adjustment.
Fit amazon site the currency is different in different countries, the United States stand is dolla, Canada is Canadian dolla, Mexican is Mexican COI, Britain is the pound, European France Germany Italy and Spain is the euro, and so on

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