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But due to the digital currency will not damage, quality can always maintain coistent, and greatly increased its security, will rating currency market produce bad effect for the future.
The stock market to go a bull market, not only need listed shareholde to buy back shares, also need more support of the policy, also need to have market liquidity, including economic recovery, in multiple facto can promote the hope to create a long-term bull market slow.
Country macroeconomic regulation and control, when the economy is overheating, countries by raising interest rates or issuing bonds to reduce the paper money to circulate on the market, which avoids prices tend to lead to serious inflation.
According to a $1000, according to the M2 of inflation, is it 10%, BTC deflation, up 10% a year, 12 yea later, the price is now supposed to be $3200, in fact today s price is $40000, it is still rising.
Anyhow I recommend to you these books, after reading can broaden people s thinking, help you to view the society from the Angle of economics to the rational, in the second book on foreign ruling elite through the establishment of the single currency to rule the world multiple chapte is not good, it make the peon produces a deep sorrow, let us the 2, at the threshold of pessimism pervades the world, the international monetary fund, want to release some positive information, let people see some hope, and to dispel some market pessimism.
One of the most famous welfare is: venezuela s gas of the world s most cheap, cheaper than bottled water, use casually.
How to strengthen the management of monetary fund safety work?Definition is neither the budget deficit, nor a budget surplus.
Among them, the fit four tiny country according to the agreement with the European Union use the euro, and then two countries (regio) is using the euro unilaterally.
The country introduces new roubles.
Monetary form, nature and function, analysis from the Angle of the exchange of commodity economy relatio.
Two world wa and the industrial revolution changed the class of the main western countries, the working class and middle class become important election power, thus, to control inflation and big increases in the importance of internal equilibrium target to promote employment;Why money will eventually be cut off contact with gold?Keynesian but did not find the root cause of the economic crisis, the basic contradiction of capitalism, so it is impossible to find a effective way to eliminate the crisis fundamentally.
The left one, made and the following two northern jiangnan, is ordinary fakes, ferroalloy products, value is extremely low, one or two yuan a, can only make the sample coin.

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