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In our country, the standard currency refe to the value in $1 or $1 more single notes and COI of less than 1 yuan face value notes or COIThe united Arab emirates, united Arab emirates.
Because wealth is not only composed of currency, and other elements, such as material resources, land, real estate, precious metals, such as patent!(3) the circulation of the bill must have its limits of actual need of money in circulation.
Continuous printing money in the United States, to stimulate the economy, but as the dollar is the international currency, actually printing more currency flow around the world, is brought about by the currency devaluation, rising prices.
(3) the standard currency and COI: standard currency is basic currency of one country circulation, fractional currency is under the standard currency unit small denomination currency.
What is the world s most valuable money?Its functio are: 1.
By controlling the money supply to stabilize prices, maintain the stability of the currency.
World currencies based on metal s endoement, and fiat is the rules of law as the country s economic strength such as foreign exchange reserves, the change of GDP, or military power will affect the change of national compreheive strength, will affect the value of the currency itself, and credit endoement of the value of reduce will naturally lead to the market on the value of money, in order to make dosage of commodity circulation cotant must be more money, into an infinite loop.
Q coin value, must fit identify true bogus, if it is real, there are historical, economic value, if they are replicas, what value is all have no.
After nanjing government issue legal tender, legally banned circulation of silver, requirements of the state.
Rouble introduction: unit: 1/100 gaby (seem Pay treasure to save money do you have any interest?On October 1, 1968, the Singapore government to allow bank of America branch iide the bank to set up an Asian monetary unit, to accept non-resident eurocurrency market the same way of foreign currency deposits, as a non-resident for each business foreign exchange trading and money lending.
(3) even if the production of goods is the need of society, there is no guarantee that all sold out.
Second, the even money becomes waste paper, this is the right!

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