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Very not easy have profit, again entangled with when to stop.
Argentina s currency s value is not stable, a federal reserve interest rates, the Argentine peso has collapsed.
These two days the bad is bigger, digital currency markets in addition to the three COI ETF was rejected this morning, this two days tencent public number to seal a batch of block chain from media also caused a certain market panic.
Monetary and notes link 1, notes is, ACTS as the currency mea the functio of the currency evolved from metal, no metal currency, there would be no paper money.
Difference: currency are separated from commodity, fixed ACTS as a univeal equivalent of commodity value scale, circulation method, payment method, storage methods, the function of the currency.
Money is commodity with value.
Paper money issued by the state, forced to use the currency symbol, in the Commodity Exchange medium role, only itead of currency ACTS as a medium of exchange, which has the function of circulation mea only.
Second, the questioner says hand JiSao code to pay, this is social progress of the new payment, to some extent, improved the people with money habits, but also to the circulation of economy, but this is just one of the ways in which the money market operatio, it cannot replace the status of the Banks, more can t itead of paper money and COI.
The Australian Dollar is the Australian Dollar (Australian Dollar), international currency symbol for AUD.
Visible, even during the Soviet era, Ukraine also cannot small gaze.
In other words, monetary supply decided to monetary demand.
Under the background of economic weakness especially severe economic decline, to stimulate economic growth by quantitative easing should be cautious, excessive doesn t even have a bottom line currency issuance, induce the possibility of inflation is great, and the damage can be high.
Can talk about the central bank digital currency impact on the financial system?Before we can Internet companies, the traditional manufacturing industry, but not later.
No, a notoriously death (pigs) long.
Currency trade demand and prevent demand decided to income, and the speculative demand for money depends on interest rates, as a result, the total demand for money function can be described as: L = L1 L2 = L1 (y) in L2 (r) = ky - hr type L, L1 and L2 are represent the actual demand for money, which has the same purchasing power demand for real money.
The A shares ETF, what meaning be?The central bank s digital currency, total feel more focus on the international payment system.
4, computer veion AI coin drawing available index: five sta for now small COI ring spread the use of drawing software, the trend line, ma, Fibonacci, relatiohip between quantity and price, KDJ, I index, and so on.

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