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gold price 6 months

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gold price 6 months

How money affect religion, war, diplomacy, science and technology invention, these historical story and can bring what revelation to the ever-changing financial markets today.
Lack of the stability of the monetary support.
Refe to in the international economic activities, the country out of economic conditio or policy coideratio, in the form of law will link their currencies to the fixed, as a measure of value, as well as international trade mea of eventually pay off.
Generally speaking, the legal tender in the market price is not high, except for the individual.
The future will continue to split, but in the end will only keep a few main chain, form the monetary base;Actually all is TMD debt economy, money is the quantitative easing monetary policy, which is within a certain range compression deposit and lending interest rates, mortgage investments, pile industry scale, stimulate coumption loan, expand the scale of coumption, product production capacity expaion, the preferential benefit also expanded the scale, GDP figures also increased, to the economic dimeion scale has expanded.
Ten yea of wandering and a-share market volatility between 3000 points, not just because of the stock market in the phase of development, but also because the nature of A shares is financing is given priority to, the market is difficult to form the value investment idea, more is slow out of the mad cow and the bear market.
Council membe generally are economists, they puue the economic elite route, that is to say, their draft to embody the academic and professional.
Introduce the central bank digital currency, primary purpose is to protect the monetary sovereignty and legal tender status.
Real currency should be precious metals such as gold and silver.
Digital veion of the yuan can track trading records.
Because you can for many times, but the wrong time can let you everlasting perdition thoroughly to zero.
Of coue, this does not affect you use digital currency to buy gold.
The common currency in addition to the dollar, euro, yen, pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Canadian and Mexican peso, the yuan, and New Zealand.
Before we can Internet companies, the traditional manufacturing industry, but not later.
There are many reaso for devaluation.
In 1848 the Swiss federal cotitutional government money, before that, Switzerland all kinds of domestic and foreign COI in circulation, each state has issued their own currencies and have their own monetary system.
The original six passage of bead jade, turtle shell, silver tin shall not act as currency, such as when the qin dynasty, a country of the currency as the second class;

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