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Finance is focused on the micro, from the Angle of the functional analysis of finance.
What is a monetary settlement area?Peonal humble opinio, welcome to correct or supplement, don t like do not spray, please use civilized language.
Supplement: metal currency itself is a commodity, when he was falling prices, many people will choose to hold gold metals such as currency, so money stock to reduce the overall market, inflation trends.
4, cash type analog electronic money.
Payment method is refe to the monetary pay off debt that is executed when in the implementation of the function.
We use currency notes, are now paper money itself has no intriic value.
Which country has the money to the most worthless?(1) the currency is essentially the realization form of commodity circulation and the forms, circulation of commodities is the foundation of the currency and substance.
For the small white is a big help.
Bo hui and balance when the treasure belongs to the monetary funds, since is monetary fund has high safety, liquidity strong characteristic.
The essence of the monetary policy is a country of monetary supply according to the different periods of economic development situation and adopt Year year fall doesn t matter, however, relatively speaking, the longer, the higher the value!Monetary policy generally have loose monetary policy and tight monetary policy, the two policy shift, easing deflation mea that the money supply will reduce, vice veaIf as the benchmark currency in EUR?USD/EUR = 0.
6753/70, on behalf of the bank to buy dolla to sell the euro exchange rate is 0.
6753;Because the city places for financial itruments, mainly is the government, Banks and industrial and commercial enterprises to issue short-term credit itruments.

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