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Hard currency is the maitream international recognition of the worldwide currency, known as hard also.
Because depreciation is too serious, so a lot of people don t like to use, and even by that time most people are more like folk take goods for goods.
Money is valuable, because selling physical (food, clothing.
And why people are willing to put money more in real estate industry?Issuance of this credit currency countries have strong economic strength, in the field of international economy occupies an important or ruling status.
According to the President to route, don t have face, in fact, I was go on down this road.
Below small make up to you to share learning high school textbook political directory, welcome to read.
4, the local bank notes 5, and 6 puppet army military ticket, liberated areas notes is the fit category of the classification of images, the paper currency of the country, also known as legal tender.
Is set to be area of residential housing converted into money, by the dismantlees a way to purchase the placement of the residential housing, simply be getting real time for monetary housing distribution, residential market.
Money also from time to tome, the efficiency of contrast your own investment capacity and cash to determine if you can buy stocks and funds, less money less play money, more money also rich style, more mixed.
Money supply is equal to the inflation (or cash in circulation and demand deposits sum;

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