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ripple and stellar

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ripple and stellar

Bank credit expaion, mea that the currency in circulation increase, bank credit crunch, mea less money.
To headlines about silver more than half a month.
Below the record low of 61.
Original Argentina today s financial markets to liquidate more bleak, debt remit three killed, and the situation is not optimistic.
Argentina s currency s value is not stable, a federal reserve interest rates, the Argentine peso has collapsed.
Technical features: (1) copies, (2) more reliable records, (3) cannot be tampered with, (4) more traparent compared with the traditional centralized system, block chain from to another Angle to solve data security, everybody always said block chain can tamper proof, but it is easy to ignore the tamper-proof two very important premise: scale, equality.
At the same time, made in China, Chinese goods at home, on account of their superior quality and competitive price, and keep the reasonable range of inflation.
Until last year, the central bank began to try out digital currency, the domestic chain block application scenarios to begin to fall to the ground.
Corresponding appreciation of the dollar, other countries, the dollar global output.
Money is too important, no money, no food, and how to live?Global investo unanimously bullish sentiment, with the safe-haven currency.
Ukraine currency symbol UHR or UAH excuse me?This kind of monetary policy is in overheating, total demand is greater than the total supply, inflation in the economy, adopted by the tight monetary policy.
Met resistance smaller under normal circumstances, monetary policy, fiscal policy to reduce government spending and tax increases the resistance of the larger?2, monetary fund is a kind of open mode fund, mainly invest in bonds, central bank bills, buy back, such as high security of short-term financial itrument, also known as WeChat can download it is not clear but the dollar, deutsche mark, yen and pound, Swiss franc, a French franc, Italian lira, Dutch guilde, Belgium franc, Danish kroner, Swedish kronor, Norwegian krone, Austrian schillings, hk dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar, etc.
The monetary system of the qing dynasty (what are the agency may issue currency)?Each number has the collection value is only on the basis of peonal feeling with mandarin phonetic notation we we have a good 6688 5588 new have more valuable is greatly valuable good good good good Price = issuedhould issue, because when the money must be issued, need more money for much lower prices or price is inveely proportional to the required money in circulation, when the money in circulation must be real issue money the more the higher the price, the price is proportional to the real distribution amount.
However refined currency and circulation mainly to international issue for countries to earn foreign exchange.
Currency rate of depreciation, it is to point to as a result of currency circulation coiderably more than the actual need of money in circulation, causing currencies, currency devaluation compared before and after the devaluation of ratio, known as the currency rate of depreciation.

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