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etf like tqqq

Exteion data: the balance sheet \Including their mysterious area 51 President has no right to command, regardless of the area is an alien or secret weapo manufacturing, which is used to balance the mysterious family rebel card, want to move in the history of the fed s President was assassinated, so the power of capital in the United States is great.
The two monetary fund investment, stable income, higher than that of savings, monetary fund income about the same, every day there are income, suggest to buy both, observed a period of time and then make a decision which good.
And capital circulation formula is G - W - G , the G = G of delta G, delta G original prepaid capital increase, this increase is surplus value.
Fit be clear what is the currency, according to the \From the point of view of the United States also is not good, too lazy to code word, turn a brother buts of finance and economics point of view: for the United States, it should be the most don t want there to be something in the us financial hegemony system.
The People s Bank of China to print a lot of money every day, they are how to let the currency market, and won t cause inflation?Or to the rural farme of agricultural and sideline products purchasing expenditures;Three, bond funds, and the difference between the monetary fund bond fund belongs to medium risk types of investment products, compared to equity fund, hybrid fund, bond fund s risk index is lower.
Several times a year but digital currency to fall multiplied thousands of times, for small amount of young people, is very attractive.
Since the currency is the currency deflation, why prices will fall?Students with student id card can be free to visit, the rest of the visito need to buy tickets, the price is 10 yuan.
World currencies based on metal s endoement, and fiat is the rules of law as the country s economic strength such as foreign exchange reserves, the change of GDP, or military power will affect the change of national compreheive strength, will affect the value of the currency itself, and credit endoement of the value of reduce will naturally lead to the market on the value of money, in order to make dosage of commodity circulation cotant must be more money, into an infinite loop.
Because the foreign currency price increase, export commodity prices to rise, import prices corresponding to reduce, weaken the competitive power of goods.
So as to promote social progress and continuous development.
According to the three hou cleaning one hundred square, at most 50 multiple income is good.
Argentina to stabilize the exchange rate of eight days to raise interest rates three times, effect how?

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