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does bitcoin mining require fast internet

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does bitcoin mining require fast internet

Peonal humble opinio, welcome to correct or supplement, don t like do not spray, please use civilized language.
This is not to retain information, but is how to eliminate traces of age.
The fed began a new round of monetary easing economic stimulus plan, the dollar will be super hair, this is directly the result of toilet paper currency, currency devaluation, residents wealth will shrink.
Domestic investo have to use trading platform?So no matter what do speculative market, must caution, moment his perception of his own smallness, keep a heart of fear to the market.
And COI fit beginner s mind - currency decentralization, will also be on Wall Street after the occupation of the currency.
Because at the time of the Ming dynasty, it is lack of copper, copper production requires a lot of copper, so money is not enough, and take up also very inconvenient, so they began to use the notes from the yuan dynasty had.
The three exchanges are active, daily trading volume is very big also.
Deposit can be divided into legal deposit reserve and the excess deposit reserve.
Ok, if you see the above my words so this problem is solved.
Depreciation in recent days, the house prices have what effect?

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