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Take money this thing, whether in the long river of history, or in real life, its action, is impressive and thought-provoking.
Law of value is the basic rule of commodity economy, and its basic content is the social necessary labor time decided the value of goods, Commodity Exchange, according to equivalent principle of the form is the price fluctuating around the value according to the supply and demand change, its role is in the market competition through market mechanism.
100 yuan = 227300 Italian lira from July 1, 2002, the euro has in place of the Italian lira to be the only legal tender in Italy.
The earliest currency is a kind of metal products, with the development of The Times, gradually appeared the paper money and electronic money.
To join the currency as a new legal tender, is $$and coexistence or eliminate.
Do you think a currency war logic of this book right?After the catastrophe will depreciate their currencies?The digital currency in China are testing at present, is the national credit as a guarantee, and the same legal tender notes, each business must unconditionally accept digital currency payment behavior, the real value of digital currency and real money are exactly the same, digital currency issued by commercial Banks need to use real money equal to replace digital currency, not the currency a pure virtual currency, does not cause the fierce inflation or a sudden rapid appreciation.
Hello, the central bank had issued notice, without authorization digital currency issued by any organization or organization, so there is no any digital currency is legal.
But monetary fund low-risk fund is different from the deposit.
It can be used as a medium of exchange, stored value, the standard of deferred payment and accounting unit.

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