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If you use the yuan to buy, can exchange here.
The ICO, buying and selling digital currency and so on are all out of the assets of the real economy, namely digital currency itself does not have any value.
Monetary capitalization is actually make money can bring more wealth and interests, so that the monetary assets to the proliferation of financial assets.
Camphorwood port swap no stores, are made by some carrying bag, walking in the street every day, they will take the initiative to come forward to ask: do you want to money.
The crisis comes, currency war.
The current field of digital currency block chain, is basically regardless of national boundaries.
The balance of celestica fund and buy treasure cannot delimit equal-sign, balance treasure refe to celestica fund s largest profit ability the best monetary fund: celestica balance monetary fund.
Whole bundle: refe to the assurance thousand even, and no fracture, sign the cutter with a plastic bag to pack again, known as the whole bundle, also known as the sealing thousand even after;Such as to get rid of dollar inflation and the economy policy on the Caribbean country exploitation, feasibility is very low, of coue, this is one of the characteristics of COI, and currency exchange was monopolized by the america.
Points A and B and hui monetary fund when coidering the retail and ititutional is the cause of two aspects.
The money supply (money supply) refe to a country or currency of the investment in the banking system to the economy, create, expand (or shrinkage) currency financial process.
Buy fund, stock, bond or choose a different period of the current bank deposit, these are the use of time value, according to the comparison of different interest rates, we can obtain different appreciation.
What currency do they use 2015 Burma courageous?What is the monetary policy shift?But we will do the shadow of their products, contracts for differences, and the sight of foreign exchange.

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