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The international reserve currency need to have an \1 and the fire network: volume ranks the fit, the highest activity, founded 13 yea, in terms of discrepancy gold, have not heard that had failed, good stability and safety.
As for the other Chinese background, completely no exchange is governed by the People s Bank of China, it s hard to judge, whether they will accept, but I think the question should be asked is more they can really survive in the future.
What is the difference between digital currency and now our notes?Worn on the back, a crease around each.
Industry development requires a lot of money to support, so far, we have learned that the support of the central has approved the trillio of money, the money will eventually into all walks of life.
But Stalin proposed: given the outstanding contribution of Ukraine and belarus in world war ii, although the two countries are republics of the Soviet union, but should enjoy the same treatment, and other countries, of coue, Roosevelt agreed.
People will be able to change things feel the decisive factor of investment money is the most valuable.
Mexico currency used is: the Mexican peso.
Three, the financial crisis wiped out assets.
Corrupt officials a grab a quasi, counterfeit money will disappear.
The peonal bad speculation, after all, haven t seen the book, I don t know is big full or small full set?2 the need for cash settlement, fund company, so it requires a certain time.
Issued COI have millio of kinds of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, coin collecto only strengths, coin without par value, can only be called a chapter, and cannot be called a currency, currency must be gold can be or can be used as currency.
Real money = nominal money divided by the price levelWith reference to the division of the international monetary fund caliber in our country, the different laye of the money supply is as follows: M0 = cash, M1 = M0 demand deposits, M2 equals M1 of urban and rural residents savings deposit other deposits, M3 = M2 commercial paper large negotiable certificates of deposit (the M3 unclear right)

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