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the big short theory

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the big short theory

The major financial websites, WeChat, weibo and other media have financial column, economists can see more of the ideas, views, combined with practical and hot spots, slowly let oneself have a certain economic pepective and thinking.
3, A shares, namely the common stock, issued by the Chinese domestic company, for ititutio, organizatio or individuals within the territory (from April 1, 2013, domestic, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents can open A shares account) subscription and trading in RMB common stocks.
This is a healthy, can lasts longer.
If the rate cut is invalid, so early goodbye.
The concept of digital currency was fit put forward in 1983, they only exist in digital or electronic form, different from the actual notes and COI, they are invisible.
Will adjust money supply this pepective, the difference is that monetary policy is through the banking system, using the financial itruments, the financial tramission mechanism into law;Some illegal crime molecules will take advantage of this new type digital currency for illegal and criminal activities, hope countries strengthen the crackdown, eure the security of the digital currency.
The Kuwaiti dinar has COI and banknotes type two kinds of currencies, the largest denomination is 20 dina banknotes.
Australia since last year, indeed, what seems to have the Pandora s box is opened.
Such as no.
00000001, is the fit one.
Second, adjust measures to local conditio, they intend to use snowball way for development.

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