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shuttle traducere

Monetary fund is to point to in enterprise production and management in the process of that part of the capital in monetary form, can be divided by its shape and use different including cash, bank deposits and other monetary funds.
, led by Milton friedman, the tramission mechanism of monetary school work agait Keynesian theory, the monetary school of thought says that interest rates does not play an important role in the monetary tramission mechanism, and emphasize on the money supply in the whole tramission mechanism has a real effect.
In addition to the digital currency, as well as the concept of electronic payment (EP electronicpayment).
Whether digital currency or mill, all belong to citize legal property, the law should be also able to protect.
On December 5, 2013, the People s Bank of China and other five ministries jointly issued the \Imagine such a scene, the setting sun, in the fair, you ve taken one day, Chinese cabbage and then there were a few ji, 30 and go home, there are a lot of in the home, and very laborious, this time someone took a few shells and you exchange, although know you not do, but with the coent of the probability is very high.
Above are the analysis and views of the individual, professional experts and big capitalists larger than not, with everyone seems to be moderate, but this is the most straightforward view iide of me!Similarities and differences of metal currency and paper money?Paper manufacturing, circulation and maintenance.
Why society in human history, just as huma are social animals that depend on each other to survive in the cruel nature, and human invention social once become arenas, harvest into capital platform, huma also leaves a road can go, return to nature, good abide by the laws of the dark forest.
To sell real people are willing to accept it, because he believes that the othe are willing to accept it.
Fit of all, for the country, offering digital currency.
Fisher thinks that assumes V (money velocity, i.
, a unit nominal money balances velocity of circulation), Y is invariant, is the change of the money supply M will be fully reflected in the change of price P, so money is neutral.
Beginning in December 2018, balance treasure to launch a service shopping give a red envelope, kun peng theory in the largest red envelopes for 9 yuan, a few yuan in listening to other people say him, to estimate these days, the balance of Po using this money activities and took many use in the past.
Through the study of this book, you can have the most basic knowledge of fund, the fund investment.
A member without the coent of the international monetary fund, international commuting and money of payment should not be subject to restricted professional exchange.
Since ready to buy monetary fund, so the actual operation is very simple, many channels can buy (monetary fund risk is very small, basic can be seen as risk-free return).
The difference between money and inflation: refe to the current currency notes COI now coume such as equivalent, inflation refe to the process of circulation of goods.
Veion of the eos is what mean?

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