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Assumes that current deposit rate for the rd, deposit rate of preparation for rt, deposit for T, is: A = rt rd T D * * E (2) assumes that flow of cash and demand deposits D C T with current deposit, time deposit, excess reserves and current account E D D, respectively, to maintain A relatively stable proportion relatio, its coefficient respectively with k, T, E said, then: C = D (3) T = D * * k T E = D * (4) (5) the monetary base B E by commercial bank reserves and distribution of cash of two parts, namely: B = C (6) if (2), (3) into (6), the monetary base formula is: B = rt rd T D * * E D * k (7) to (4), (5) into (7), too: B = D * rd D * rt.
T D * * k E D = D * (rd rt * T E k) (8) or D = B\/(rd rt * T E k) (9) 1 \/ (rd rt * T E k) is A current deposit expaion ratio.
Money and banking and monetary finance mainly reflects in: (1) the difference between our country finance refe to money and banking, but in foreign finance refe to the micro finance, and also about securities, financial derivatives pricing, financial innovation, financial engineering, financial market research.
When you put all the books to read, so congratulatio you, the level of economic and financial publication the author may not match you.
Which country s money is norges?Even in China have had 2 months in advance to the world as a \It with the current paper attributes are exactly the same, just different carrier, analogy, digital currency is electronic cash.
Fiscal policy: refe to the financial related government departments (such as China s Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, etc.
) by adjusting tax rate or increase/decrease government spending (such as the cotruction of public facilities) such as impact macro policy of demand or supply.
Especially pay treasure, because too want to push their own celestica fund products, so products generally do not have much worth choosing sex.
To effectively control the price!What are the virtual currency now?Fractional currency unit is a centime (Rappecentime), 1 is equal to 100 Swiss francs.
WeChat financing through the balance (docking is the huaxia fund company base), micro for the bank checking the goods (docking is the funds base), the yield is higher than the balance Po, deposited in the grab.
Buying and selling of gold and silver is a kind of goods, not money, gold and silver and not in the form of currency circulation in the market.
Management industry industry involved in all walks of life, all over the world.
After the death, let alone what liabilities, life can be a problem, a large number of entities businesses fail, a large number of staff will not work, even homeless.
Shinzo Abe, Japan is no exception, since in 2012 was elected Japan s prime minister, has been the implementation of

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