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morris money

Digital currency bear market killing counterfeit currency, what do you think can survive to the next bull market?Ming bao chao qing dynasty mainly silver, small often with money.
Also a lot of abroad, the Chinese do not a few.
Then gradually realized that bank deposits also has properties like paper, use it to buy goods, payment services.
High interest rates, so how to find such a high-yielding assets investment operation, to honour the interest, it did not.
Hold digital currency lost my mobile phone, digital currency was able to come back?Currency is actually a kind of special commodity, it does not belong to cash, but on the basis of cash increased a tangible or intangible assets.
Although gate.
IO also supports the yuan, but top-up way very troublesome, need to buy through C2C traactio flat t, can be for a variety of digital currency trading.
Distribution is controlled by the state, usually circulation mainly through the bank.
Paper crown, number and shift or collection value to a certain extent, to say also not reach has great value of collection, after all, number and shift is very large, the number of notes in general notes number fluctuation displacement quantity on the patch number is more, less average number.
Iran to replace the dollar with the renminbi, foreign media said the renminbi assets are very attractive, can replace the dollar in the future RMB?

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