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mtgox code

Economics explanation: at cotant prices, increased money supply, monetary demand increased to maintain money market equilibrium.
Do not know much about other web sites.
What is the nature and functio of currency?Including the stock market, bond market, securities investment fund market.
Recent progress in digital currency, central Banks to promote the digital itrument based on block chain has test successful trading platform, legal digital currency issued by a central bank has begun operatio, later the central bank s ititute of digital currency will formally, which mea that China will become the world s fit digital currency issue and the central bank to carry out a formal application.
That is to say, if before you can only change in cattle sheep and other livestock, cattle can now change rice change daughter-in-law =.
At that time he apply to the New York mint, issue the copper COI, but was rejected, he privately to suppress these currencies, there is no issue.
Big bull market, stock ten yea until now also in cotant innovation, for the most common view is that Wall Street stocks are bullishness, because the dollar printing more than a year than a year, that is to say, the U.
stock market does not lack of money, but money must be more money than last year this year, next year, the money must be better than more money this year, so a year more than a year of money, stocks do not rise.
But more than common currency is not the highest value of currency.
After experienced in fusing, strengthening supervision and adjustment of economic structure, traformation and upgrading, so the stock market become health than they used to be.
Generally includes the commission and stamp duty, also limited to the lowest commissio on every deal.

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