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High interest rates to attract deposits.
This for the United States, is a relatively large debt, may bring us more uncomfortable, because even, according to the annual interest rate of 3%, the interest is as high as $810 billion a year.
L generally represent investment in the western economics, the other: C on behalf of the coumer, G on behalf of the government purchase, NX on behalf of the import and export, M represents the income, W on behalf of the wages and so on.
The common currency is Indian rupee.
The earliest currency is a kind of metal products, with the development of The Times, gradually appeared the paper money and electronic money.
If it is either three leopard leopard, or four leopard, five leopards number or more price will be high.
Because, the loan money, compared to the previous, if has fallen by 30%, is to save 30% of the money.
The money supply is a process, is a verb.
The policy tool has its limitatio: (1) the legal deposit for rate adjustment effect is strong, that it has a tendency to immobilized;People often say that the big and small head, sun yuan here refe to a single silver and yuan shikai like golden sun yat-sen s side as the founding COI, other yuan shikai sun yat-sen statue silver.
Present value is between the assignment and assignment, want to be acknowledged that still have far to go.
This kind of money without sidewall.
6, e-money value is symbol of symbol.
Exchange rate is a country of another country currency exchange rate, the proportion of the ratio between the yuan and the us dollar, for example, this is the exchange rate, such as the current dollar exchange rate is 6.
9, which is 6.
9 yuan for 1 dolla RMB, this is an example of an exchange rate, exchange rate and a more simple to undetand, that is the country s money can be in another country.
Second, the investment real estate is a more specific commercial products, has a long life cycle and the advantages of resistance to wear and tear, a lifetime investment profit, besides the house itself can be the value, after children, can also according to the development of future city planning, enjoy the generous treatment of demolition.

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