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sell and buy trading

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sell and buy trading

(3) ACTS as the currency mea, according to its different flexible degree, divided into three levels: M0, M1 = = cash M0, enterprises and ititutio of the deposits of urban and rural residents demand deposits M2 equals M1 enterprise special fund deposits of urban and rural residents deposit account can be discounted billsThe exchange rate between China and the United States?Reference source: reference source:In January 2013, a coin prices had reached $10 million.
Currency rate of depreciation = (outstanding) to be issued/issued = 1 - purchasing power of money, should be issued by the purchasing power of money = / issued, because paper money circulation of certain, need more money in circulation, the greater purchasing power that a bill is proportional relatiohip;Each set of the design, is a microcosm of The Times.
But not will rise in price 100 times, it is not at all, may only rose to 90 times.
Even so, still full of good mood.
Sterling and other freely convertible currency, do not need to produce any file or identity.
2, regular money, of coue, you can also choose to pay treasure in the regular products, safety and reliability of the principal, income also very stable!(image from the network, written by an hard my heart)

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