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As now RMB exchange rates to rise agait the dollar, China s export, products less competitive, and holdings of foreign exchange including a debt to the United States is out of thin air evaporation of lost too much.
At the same time, put forward The central bank issued digital currency impact on the stock market?Monetary policy and fiscal policy as the two policies of the government demand management, its operation is through the increase or decrease the money supply to adjust aggregate demand.
Infinite money released on June 5, 2013.
Money market rates falling is a direct coequence of excess liquidity in the market a lot of money into the money market and bond market, led to falling money market interest rates.
Foreign Banks support digital currency?5, chip concentration areas available index: three sta can be seen each platform are cancelled, is practical, but is need to pay, and is not cheap, small white is not recommended to buy.
Balance the treasure is the feature of simple operation, low threshold, zero fee, can be used as you take.
Mechanism: one, the ultimate goal of monetary policy.
Not gay built huge overcapacity can t digest.

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