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Iceland (currency in English for the Krona, 1 Krona = 100 ora);The legal tender of the qin dynasty for gold and copper, COI, gold belongs to copper belongs to the currency.
Digital currency can be trusted?1, the main commodity attribute of gold and jewelry and industry associated with gold, gold under this attribute the dominant trend is generally smooth and without major investment opportunities, investment risk is low, the profit is small.
Is the old COI units (most of the colony and also with the same old British monetary unit.
)Definition: the paper refe to the soft material (usually cotton) caused by currency, issued by national (or parts) and force the use value of symbols.
They think: increase the money supply in the beginning when it cut interest rates, but soon will increase because of monetary income and rising prices make nominal interest rates rise, and the real interest rates are likely to return to and stable in the original level, so the tramission mechanism of monetary policy indirectly affect the investment and income not through interest rate, but the change of currency balance amount directly affect the spending and income.
We can t see, see not wear, but can hold his hand, we have a strong oveight.
Our country hold huge U.
Treasury bonds, for example, if the dollar, will directly lead to the appreciation of the renminbi.
The giant American restaurant chain accept the currency of payment, the currency can really become a hard currency?This kind of virtual currency is real currency, is closely related to the real economy.

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