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paper explained

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paper explained

The COI by the U.
mint chief engraver Robot fabrics sculpture, just as a country gift giving leade, not allowed, shut down the template was mint COI, but still have a few COI into the market.
Digital yuan has offline payment functio, namely also can complete the payment, don t need to network and WeChat, alipay, etc must be under the network environment to complete the payment.
Block chain is the human biggest bubble ever, but the bubble has just started, at the same time can also boost technology revolution.
Official department, of state, ministry and ministry of war, does that punishments are tube?If the world now, I think that the yuan is relatively good safe-haven currencies, the stability from the point of view, the appreciation of the renminbi will be a trend.
That is where the value of digital currency.
How to know tight monetary and credit and wide?Third, open market operatio.
A shares in 2007 that bull market memory is too far away.
One, two, five points notes is to belong to the second set of RMB.
As like diamonds exist in reality.

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