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neteller kreditkarte

Sun Yuchen was born in July 1990, undergraduate coue graduated from history department of Peking Univeity, graduate student at the univeity of Penylvania.
Three is the base of support commercial bank liabilities, commercial Banks do not hold the monetary base, will not be able to create credit;Why the currency collapse suddenly a new low throughout the year?Don t keep credit monetary system is since the mid - 1970 - a monetary system, its characteristic is: (1) the currency in circulation is credit currency, mainly coists of cash and bank deposits, they all reflect some sort of credit relatiohip.
Monetary capital cycle began, currency capital, in turn, after purchase, production and sale of three phases, realize the capital value proliferation, returned to the monetary capital movement process.
The currency war 2 - Kim world I also saw, basic financial family connectio, makes see, I feel before and after reading his book is worth a look, and the content of the intermediate is given priority to with the story!Buy: 2, through the bank has stores in general, Banks are different funds of the company s products on a commission basis, therefore, for people who don t make use of the network, can go to the bank business hall to buy monetary fund.
Assume that the total amount of the deposit reserve of commercial Banks for A, it coists of two parts, legal reserve and excess reserves E.
At the same time, many good new products, cotantly emerging and for friends, anywhere in the finance, access to safe good income, provide the foundation of reality.
Is the old COI units (most of the colony and also with the same old British monetary unit.
)Cope with different economic conditio, it is necessary to adopt a different strategy combinatio.

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