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And the central bank, the bank of China, bank of communicatio, and the agricultural bank of China as a state, the four Banks to issue bills were known as the legal tender, nationwide circulation.
On January 1, 1999 in implement the unified Monetary policy in the eu countries (Single Monetary Act), the euro as the euro zone in July 2002 the only legal currency.
Can in domestic bank of China in the rouble, but are also face the larger rate is not very appropriate, recommend at home, in dolla, to a little bit in Russia at the airport, and then in the city to find a nice bank or money exchange rate (money all over the street and hangs a electronic display real-time exchange rates) than in the country for a (Russian Banks and money like other relatively new dolla in some places the old and do not collect folded Angle).
Fractional currency unit is a centime (Rappecentime), 1 is equal to 100 Swiss francs.
Which country has the money to the most worthless?On March 18, 2009 the official exchange rate is given is: $150.
52 for 1 dollar (but actually far more than that, once had a trend with 8 yuan in 100 trillion zimbabwean cloth).
So finally replaced by trading with officer of silver.
In 1717, director of the royal mint Newton found (yes, that is the Why society in human history, just as huma are social animals that depend on each other to survive in the cruel nature, and human invention social once become arenas, harvest into capital platform, huma also leaves a road can go, return to nature, good abide by the laws of the dark forest.
Cheap high-interest: focus on spreads.
And so on, save a lot of resources for the society.

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