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spy chart

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spy chart

Interest rates are the government s intervention, of coue.
And gold specific price will be affected by the global economic situation.
Western countries crazy money printing, global liquidity, international financial capital into monetary tidal impact emerging countries of the world s real economy and financial system.
Virtual currency itself is of no value, once the collapse will be lost, so Fried currency risk is very high, friends even want into the pit must choose formal ititutio of hair money, otherwise it is easy to cut chives.
The improvement of the anti-counterfeiting technology.
You ask the bank to print how many money every day, most of central bank money is actually a charge to an account, it only needs to commercial Banks with the central bank s deposit account enter a string of Numbe, on line, that is so trouble.
Do you have any better advice on this issue?According to the process of the development of the currency, the currency can be divided into four categories: physical, alternative currency, credit currency, electronic currency.
Specific pepective: according to the December 27, 2003, the 10th National People s Congress revised the sixth session of the standing committee of the China people s bank of the People s Republic of China Focus on financial management, pay attention to the end of the world make!The yuan and the possibility of appreciation?During the Anti-Japanese War, can be in circulation of the nation s currency, can be as big head silver dollar is the only hard currency yuan, the silver dollar in agait war zone, citize are generally quite agree with hard currency, although the name of pseudo fiat is also the national circulation, but only nominal flow across the country, in fact many puppet army area, anti-japanese base areas are not confess pseudo fiat, and circulation of the nation s silver dollar is really can do.
False, pay treasure will not be disabled, the state shall encourage and support the mobile end to pay, pay treasure to be under the supervision and administration of central bank run, only will be more and more normative, more and more security,Flow currency is a kind of electronic currency, digital currency, virtual currency, flow of money from rMoney from the date of the produce, has the value scale and the function of circulating medium, B error.
After all the digital currency markets does not state recognition, digital currency market the current chaos idea, did not form a complete market regulation as the stock market and trading system.
More accurately, swap agreement is signed between the parties in the future a certain period of equal exchange they think the economic value of the Cash Flow, Cash Flow) of contracts.

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